Walk Cycle


Character Rig "Choo"

Final Character Rig. This is an Asian Jedi! LoL


Play blast test

Action Test for Character

Render shots for 3D Character Setup & Animation SCAD.


Flour Sack Fights!!
Maya and After Effects

LOL, my first Maya Animation shows something? Flower sacks fight. One is me and other is David Spencer, Atlanta College of Art alumnus and SCAD-Atlanta professor of interactive design; rock musician with the band Tone Star, lol!!! (he has nice tatoo also~). Anyway, watch and see who's going to win!


The Wenny Bee

This will be posted on Youtube.com. Wait for it!!!

MAH Family !!!
Texture with Bump Mapping
Maya and Photoshop

Testing maya bump mapping on tire. Modeled on Maya.

The Temple in Koguryo
Maya and Photoshop

Environment project : The Temple in Koguryo was an ancient kingdom located in southern Manchuria, southern Russian Maritime province, and the northern and central parts of the Korean peninsula was my first Maya environment challenge in digital form and space and lighting.


Maya, After Effects and Photoshop

First Maya environment project

A groin vault or groined vault (also sometimes known as a double barrel vault or cross vault) is a vault produced by the intersection at right angles of two barrel vaults. Sometimes the arches of groin vaults are pointed instead of round, as in the diagram to the right. Groin vaults also allow a great saving in material and labour over the barrel vault. The thrust is concentrated along the groins (the four diagonal edges formed along the points where the barrel vaults intersect), so the vault need only be abutted at its four corners.